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A Guide To Front Garden Design

Tips for Designing Your Front Garden. Your home’s front garden is a bit like an online profile picture–it causes a first impression, so it needs to be chosen with care. It must afford easy access to the house; it will also contain living organisms that breathe and grow, unlike the furniture, wall-coverings and so

How To Grow Geraniums From Cuttings

Growing flowers in your garden or yard gives your home a look of beauty and it also helps to support the necessary insects such as bees and butterflies. Often gardeners and garden enthusiasts like to spread their plants and flowers to many different parts of their property or growing beds. One of the most

Top 5 Tips For A Vintage Inspired Living Room

Vintage decorating is not limited to decorating with antiques or old items. Vintage can be eclectic, eccentric, or handmade. Originally, vintage referred only to a particularly good year of wine. Today, the vintage word conveys a particularly good year of anything. Vintage color schemes, furniture, collectibles and art can establish a decorating theme that

Childproofing The Hall And Living Room

Child proofing homes is extremely important. Toddlers and young children can sometimes move very quickly, getting away from parents, presenting the threat of tumbling down stairs, or other safety concerns in kitchens, hallways and living rooms. This is particularly true if homes are not properly child proofed. The best way to childproof hallways and

How To Properly Water Your Plants

Watering the plants in your home landscape is usually a challenging task for gardeners. Most gurus concur that watering the plants during the day in bright sunlight is not beneficial for them. When a gardener waters the plants in the early morning hours, the crowns can be properly dried during the day and that

How To Decorate A Living Room

You don’t have to have years of experience or a degree in interior design in order to be able to decorate your living room. Of course, there are some tips that will help you along the way as well. Discover What You Like To begin with you need to know what you do and

How To Design A Mediterranean Style Garden

Everyone knows that the Mediterranean lifestyle is one of the healthiest on the planet, therefore, it is only reasonable that people would want to emulate it by creating a Mediterranean garden they can relax in after work and when they have free time. The good news is that creating a Mediterranean garden is not

How To Grow Clematis

Clematis plants are a gardening favorite with their violet flowers contrasted with vibrant green leaves, they are the perfect addition to any garden. Growing clematis vines is fairly easy and by following the steps below, you may have clematis in your garden this year. Selecting Plants Clematis plants have become extremely popular and today,

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

Much like the bathroom, decorating in the kitchen has some special challenges. Due to the miniature climate created by the often hot and steamy sink, it is important to generally avoid use of fabric as a decorating item in the kitchen. Since windows are often right above kitchen sinks, it is important to take

How To Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

Your bathroom sink can be a place for a lot of clutter. However there are plenty ways to organize your bathroom sink to make it very functional and you will be able to obtain peace of mind that everything has its proper place when you need it. Some people use their bathroom sink to

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